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Farm Shop MFG, LLC manufactures a wide range of agriculture products that are used on a regular basis by farmers. Farm Shop products are manufactured after analyzing the current situations and the difficulties faced while farming so as to come up with the best, quality farming equipment that eases the farming experience. Whether you want to buy planter products equipment for planting seeds or grain temperature guard equipment for storing the grains in a safe and secured environment, Farm Shop products help in getting the maximum potential yield.

Season after season, there are numerous challenges thrown upon farmers related to soil condition, weather conditions, temperature, moisture, storing grains safely, mold, the infestation of insects, etc. And we, at Farm Shop MFG, LLC are well-equipped with the required resources to provide innovative and advanced Farm Shop products that help in employing the best farming techniques and methods in their field.
Our product range includes various agriculture equipment that farmers can use, right from preparing the seedbed untill the time of storing the harvested yield. At Farm Shop MFG, LLC, we manufacture agriculture equipment to farmers so they can succeed in attaining higher yield at a low cost of resources and eliminating any chances of damage to the seed or to the harvested yield.

Farm Shop products such as Germinator Closing Wheels and associated products that are used by farmers when planting the seed to create a proper seedbed alongwith faster and consistent germination and the emergence of seeds. Whereas the range of Grain Temp Guard products are engineered for the safety and security of the stored grains so that their temperature and moisture levels can be checked. The EndZone lets you operate the fan automatically between set parameters storing grain safely to maximize $$$!

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DISCLAIMER! Moisture management may be difficult for grain depths beyond 20 feet when using an axial flow fan AND may be difficult for grain depths beyond 26 feet when using a centrifugal flow fan.

Grain Temp Guard Add-on Coming Soon!

Heat Seeker ($999.00) – FAN CONTROL SYSTEM which will turn the fans on if a hot spot is detected A RESETTABLE TIMER that will let you know how many hours your fans did run. Lastly, a MANUAL OVERRIDE.

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