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Dual Alarm DTs – for individuals with large bins and would like to have four probes with only one installation. Recommended for use with previously dried grain.

One Alarm DT and one Alarm HT – for midsize bins, allowing the grain manager to have several temperature probes within the grain core and Alarm HT probe monitoring moisture At the top. Recommended for previously dried grain or grain that was stored with moisture very close to target.

Dual Alarm HTs – for smaller in midsize bins, allowing the grain manager to have a probe in the lower portion of the bin as well as one at the top. Ideal for monitoring grain that you are drying within the bin, monitoring moisture fronts and temperature fronts as they move through the bin. Will also allow you to identify the moisture condition of the grain in the bottom portion of the core so that you may adjust the conditions under which you ventilate. By referring to the resources page, you could ventilate with air which will not dry your grain any further in the lower portion while still able to push moisture out of higher humidity air at the top of the core.

A two box system for larger bins. Choose from Dual DT, Dual HT or a combination DT/HT system.

Recommendations for the number of probes to consider for your bin

Recommended: 2 probes per bin for the first 10,000 to 20,000 bushels and 1 additional probe for each additional 10,000 to 15,000 bushels. This will allow you to monitor more layers through the bin.

When using the Alarm DT, (the correct choice when the monitoring dried grain) one unit can monitor 10,000 to 20,000 bushels. Two units can monitor up to 40,000 bushels, because this unit has 2 cables. This solution will allow you to monitor temperature changes providing indications of grain going out of condition as well as temperature fronts that you are creating by cooling grain down or warming it back up.

When using the Alarm HT (the correct unit for monitoring bins in which you are doing in bin drying or for monitoring soybeans) you will need to purchase twice as many units because this device has only 1 cable per monitoring unit. It is using its function to monitor both temperature and humidity (humidity is the key to providing the best grain moisture solution).


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Dual Alarm DT, Dual Alarm HT, Alarm DT & Alarm HT