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Farm innovation is a never-ending process with all the demands to get planting and harvest done in the most cost-effective, safe and productive way. At Farm Shop Mfg., LLC we are excited to offer our cutting-edge product, the “Germinator” for you planting needs! Keep your hard work safe with our newest product “Grain Temp Guard.”

black Germinator closing wheel

Availability & Installation

Setup options:

  • Full wheel assembly easily replaces factory closing wheels on most planters
  • Ring-only insert option installs on most factory wheels

Compatible with:

  • John Deere MaxEmerge™ Plus, XP, and XP Pro
  • Kinze ’93–current
  • AGCO White and Massey Ferguson
  • Great Plains
  • Monosem
  • Precision Planting Ready Row Unit

How It Works


Crumbles And Firms Soil At The Same Time


Works In Diverse Field Conditions


Smooth Surface And Rounded Center


Cost-Effective And Easy To Install

Temp Humidity_unit


The Grain Temp Guard is a grain monitoring system that helps you ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Available in Dual Temp (DT) or Humidity/Temp (HT), this probe and alarm system will help you efficiently monitor hot spots and moisture build up in your bins.

black Germinator closing wheel


The Germinator is a closing wheel that replaces your current rubber wheels. It promotes consistent germination and emergence. Steel construction helps reduce down pressure needs in heavy soil and no till conditions. The wheels are highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions. Designed to clean rapidly, it works in all soil conditions.

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