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In the spring of 2021, I purchased some Germinator® closing wheels in an effort to do a better job of closing the furrow on the rows right by my tractor tracks. I bought twelve for the rows between and beside my duels. To my surprise, my problem furrow’s, became my best rows! The corn emerged easily a day earlier and with a more even stand. In 2022, all of my closing wheels are Germinators.

-Doyle, Southern Minnesota

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Increase Yields

Germinator STEEL Closing Wheel (price per row)


Wheels sold per row (includes set of 2).

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Germinator Package

The Germinator Closing wheel is an innovative and modern closing wheel that has replaced the traditional and outdated rubber wheels. The Germinator closing wheel is useful in promoting the successful and consistent germination as well as the emergence of the seed. It is made out of premium-grade steel which is helpful in reducing the risk of sidewall compaction as well as lowers the down pressure.

Protect Your Harvest

Grain Temp Guard – Alarm HT – Generation 2


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Simple and Reliable

The Grain Temp Guard® is a grain monitoring system that helps you ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. The Dual Temp (DT) probes and alarm system will help you efficiently monitor hot spots throughout your bins. Modular add-ons, including an EndZone – humidity-temperiture, fan control system, and Heat Seeker ($999.00), hot-spot fan control, (available for orders, give us a call)!

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Ask for details.

The Grain Temp Guard Humidity-Temperature system is ideal for monitoring higher moisture grains or grain you are conditioning. Track grain conditioning with the humidity reading and data charts from our resources page. High and low temp/humidity warnings with audible and visual alarm sounds detect changes in target temperature/humidity.

Add to Your Bottom Line

EndZone is an add-on to your Grain Temp Guard® System, designed to turn grain bin fans on and off while using multiple outside inputs. It can be set to allow fan operation only when temperature or humidity is between two set parameters. Increase the efficiency of your grain monitoring.

About Us

Farm innovation is a never-ending process with all the demands to get planting and harvest done in the most cost-effective, safe and productive way. At Farm Shop® we are excited to offer our cutting-edge product, the Germinator® for your planting needs! Keep your hard work safe with Grain Temp Guard® and our newest product, End Zone.

Farm Shop MFG, LLC manufactures agriculture equipment to make farming easy, safe,  convenient, and profitable for the farmers. We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who always focus on producing the most efficient and cost effective farming equipment for the farmers that can help them from the stage of planting the seed to the final stage of storing the harvested yield.

Our products are engineered to enhance the farm yield while reducing the risk of loss. Therefore, our range of agriculture equipment and agricultural machinery is manufactured from high quality and durable materials.

The range of Germinator products is devised for better germination and emergence of seeds with consistency while eliminating all the irregularities and unfavorable conditions.  Whereas, the Grain Temp Guard products are engineered to make the farmers free from the stress of maintaining the right temperature and moisture content in the grain.  The Alarm DT/ HT can trigger the alarm while displaying the temperature and humidity levels. Similarly, the EndZone Fan Controls manages the operation of the fan between the two set parameters of high and low-temperature points.

At Farm Shop MFG, LLC, we do the research and initiate towards developing innovative and technology-based agriculture equipment and devices that are highly useful for farmers and help in increasing production every year.  Our advanced technology products have successfully managed to replace the old, outdated, and traditional agricultural machinery and methods of farming. We use modern technology in all our products.

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