Germinator Closing Wheel (Includes Hub/Rim)


In this challenging time of the Covid-19  pandemic and uncertain market prices many producers are going to need to prolong their storage. As an aid, Farm Shop MFG will provide a

$12.50 credit for each germinator closing wheel purchased at the regular price towards the purchase of a Grain Temp Guard Alarm DT

(Credits will not be applied to values below $300)

with a maximum credit application of $200 per Alarm DT. Amount will be refunded after purchase.

(Alarm DT can be used to monitor the top of a full bin)

Assembly Required.

Due to consistent issues with damage during shipping, these will no longer be shipped assembled.

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The Germinator is a closing wheel that replaces your current rubber wheels. It promotes consistent germination and emergence. Steel construction helps reduce down pressure needs in heavy soil and no till conditions. The wheels are highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions. Designed to clean rapidly, it works in all soil conditions.


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  • Eliminates sidewall compaction
  • Depth control
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • Closes seed trench with inner rim shoulder firming

Setup options:

  • Full wheel assembly easily replaces factory closing wheels on most planters
  • Ring-only insert option installs on most factory wheels

Compatible with:

  • John Deere MaxEmerge™ Plus, XP, and XP Pro
  • Kinze ’93–current
  • AGCO White and Massey Ferguson
  • Great Plains
  • Monosem
  • Precision Planting Ready Row Unit

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