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Germinator STEEL Closing Wheel (price per row)


Wheels sold per row (includes set of 2).

Buy 12 or more rows and get free shipping with code


or buy through our Germinator Package and get 20% off a moisture management package.
Germinator Package

Germinator N6 (price per row)


Limited Quantities Available

Wheels sold per row and include a set of 2.

Unlike the typical poly-wheels that may wear out after only one season, our closing wheels are made with Nylon 6. Nicknamed “plastic steel” Nylon 6 is ultra-durable at a lower price-point. Nylon 6 is also the same material Michigan Transmission uses to manufacture transmission gears.

First Generation wheels recommended for low acreage only.

Germinator STEEL for Older Model John Deere Planter (price per row)


7200/7300 Model on Backorder. Will ship late January/early February.

Farm progress sale while supplies last!

FREE Shipping on all Germinator products

Closing wheels sold per row (included set of 2).

Assembly Required.

Due to consistent issues with damage during shipping, these will no longer be shipped assembled.


John Deere 7000 and 7100 includes 2 complete Germinator Closing Wheels and 2 axel sets: 1 roll pin, 1 nut, and 6 spacers each.

John Deere 7200 and 7300 includes 2 complete Germinator Closing Wheels and include 1 Closing Arm Bracket

Germinator STEEL Package


Wheels sold per row (includes set of 2).

Buy 12 rows or more and SAVE 20% on a Grain Bin Moisture Management Kits. By 24 rows or more and save 20% on up to 2 kits.

Germinator Cap


Khanki, 100% cotton twill, unstructured, low-profile cap. Self-fabric slide closure with brass buckle and grommet. Embroidered Germinator logo on front.