Germinator STEEL for Older Model John Deere Planter (price per row)


7200/7300 Model on Backorder. Will ship late January/early February.

Farm progress sale while supplies last!

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Closing wheels sold per row (included set of 2).

Assembly Required.

Due to consistent issues with damage during shipping, these will no longer be shipped assembled.


John Deere 7000 and 7100 includes 2 complete Germinator Closing Wheels and 2 axel sets: 1 roll pin, 1 nut, and 6 spacers each.

John Deere 7200 and 7300 includes 2 complete Germinator Closing Wheels and include 1 Closing Arm Bracket

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The Germinator is a closing wheel that replaces your current rubber wheels. It promotes consistent germination and emergence. Steel construction helps reduce down pressure needs in heavy soil and no till conditions. The wheels are highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions. Designed to clean rapidly, it works in all soil conditions.


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  • Eliminates sidewall compaction
  • Depth control
  • Eliminates air pockets
  • Closes seed trench with inner rim shoulder firming

Setup options:

  • Full wheel assembly easily replaces factory closing wheels on most planters
  • Ring-only insert option installs on most factory wheels

Additional information

John Deere Model

7000/7100, 7200/7300


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