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Germinator STEEL Package


Wheels sold per row (includes set of 2).

Buy 12 rows or more and SAVE 20% on a Grain Bin Moisture Management Kits. By 24 rows or more and save 20% on up to 2 kits.

End Zone for Corn


Farmers are often too busy to accurately control their grain bin ventilation, causing their corn to over-dry. 20% of stored corn at the bottom of every bin, is often over-ventilated by 3 points of moisture. On 100,000 bushels, ​over 20,000 bu can be affected resulting in 54.000 lb of lost moisture weight. That is a whole semi-load, worth $7,000! Right now, Endzone for Corn only costs $1,800. You could make your money back in the first year AND pocket some cash. Endzone for Corn can pay for itself in one year with as little as 30,000 bu of corn. Stop this problem from happening on your farm with the Endzone for Corn; protect moisture in your corn!

Simple and Reliable

Bulkhead Door Sensor Spear Instructions – Download