In 2019, I knew I needed a higher performance closing wheel, but which one? I purchased  Yetter Twisters, Copperhead Furrow Cruisers andGerminator® steel closing wheels by Farm Shop MFG. We put them on the planter both as singles & paired and compared the results. In all conditions the Germinator® performed with exceptional results. Under some conditions the competitors did little more than poke holes in the dirt. The traditional rubber wheel consistently showed the poorest outcomes. After one season’s use, the poly wheels (plastic) inserts used by the  competitors showed noticeable wear, but you can tell the Germinator® with its 50 grade steel construction, is going to be on the planter for a long time. March 2020, I purchased 39 more wheels to complete all my row units. I tested and I’m going with Germinator®!

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