Germinator®, it’s not just any closing wheel…

Spring of 2021, my sons and I decided to purchase spiked closing wheels for two of our three 24 row planters. After researching, my interest was in the performance generated by Farm Shop MFG®’s Germinator® steel closing wheel. The reviews of its inner-shoulder maximizing seed-soil-contact looked to make it the best performer. The 50 grade steel construction’s longevity also added value (after 4,500 acres, they still look new!).

My sons, following some research that they had read, wanted to get Yetter Twisters. We outfitted 23 rows on my planter with Germinator® closing wheels and one row of Twisters and 23 rows of Twisters on my sons planter with one row of Germinators. As we started out, aside from the “firm seed zone” generated by the Germinator®, we thought the results were similar. As crops started to emerge, we all fell into agreement; the Germinators were edging out the Twisters with performance by it’s “inner-shoulder-firmer”! I’m glad I didn’t let my boys talk me out of Germinator® closing wheels on my planter!

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