Spring 2019 was as frustrating in Rich Hill, Missouri as in many parts of the Midwest. Too many rainy days and not enough sunny days! After struggling through April and May and continuing to have problems, one being our inability to close the seed furrow in all the variable soil conditions we were encountering (mostly WET). Our neighbor bought some Germinator Closing Wheels earlier in the season and was getting results that were much more successful than ours. After seeing his results I parked our two planters and jumped in the pickup and drove to Iowa purchasing 128 Germinator Closing Wheels for our two planters. My initial reaction to the results was quite positive, but as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”; after seeing our harvest results, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Farm Shop MFG Germinator Closing Wheel! That day I drove up to Iowa was well worth my time.