In the spring of 2022 two rows of nylon 6 Germinator closing wheels were compared with Copperhead FurrowCruisers. In the initial 20 acres the nylon six wheels were experiencing a slight soil buildup which had no effect on their performance. This may be the result of semi marginal planting conditions and the manufacture suggested that they may have just needed a little polishing.  When I dug behind both systems it was easy to see that the Germinators were providing better seed-to-soil contact when compared to the Copperheads.  With excellent early-season growing conditions providing around a 99% emergence with both systems it was difficult for either product to gain an advantage. With the excellent seed-to-soil contact Germinator closing wheels generated (a trait they are known for), Germinators would be one of my top picks out of the closing wheels and systems I have tested over the years.